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About Claviaton

laviaton was established by Balázs Kováts and Zsolt Szabó in 1990. On account of the fact that back then the harpsichord making profession did not exist as such in Hungary, both makers graduated from the Department of Strings and Plucked Instruments of the Budapest School of Instrument Making. They developed their skills at different harpsichord workshops abroad, and studied the literature extensively. Both makers studied music, too. Zsolt Szabó is the artistic director and viola da gamba player of the early music group Musica Profana. Balázs Kováts is the instrument restorer of the Museum of Music History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


 ·  Royal Music Academy Madrid, Spain
 ·  Harmónia Private Music School, Győr, Hungary
 ·  Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Szeged, Hungary

 ·  Hungarian Music Conservatories:

      ·  Békéscsaba
      ·  Eger
      ·  Gyöngyös
      ·  Kecskemét

 ·  Early Music Society of Japan

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